-Remote Power on/off for PS2-


Credit for this mod goes to mom and dad...all I have done is applied it to the PS2.


-Solder iron-
-Screw drivers-


-Wireless doorbell-
-Solder,30 Awg wire,Flux,1 momentary switch-

As always...Do this mod AT YOUR OWN RISK...

IMPORTANT:There seems to be compatibility issues with the doorbell mod and HDD Utility(Thanks for the info EspI69)..I don't use this utility and have NO fix for it. I have only confirmed this mod working with HDL using the MC exploit! I dont know If or how it will work with other utilities or modchips...I have a magic V and have no problems! Please keep this info in mind before installing the doorbell!

Okay..so your tired of getting up every time you want to launch a new game from hdl...well good news..you don't have to!
Simply go down to your local home depot and buy a Zenith SL-6150-C 2-Note Wireless Chime Kit...Make sure it's the kind that uses 2 'C' batteries for the receiver...It'll cost around $10.

Now take it apart and notice the wiring...


First thing you should do is snip the +positive speaker wire off close to the board...we dont need it and saves from confusion.You have to extend 3 wires...the battery +positive(red),battery -negitive(black),speaker -negitive(yellow)...you can just splice into them or flip the board and do it right...

Now it's time to set the jumpers...This is what I did..I set it to 1-3-5 on both receiver and transmitter..do whatever you want but take note of it and DONT use 8..(I had range problems using 8).

Now with the receiver wires all extended to your prefered length...go ahead and crack open the ps2...we just need to get at the switch.

Once you have the switch exposed..you'll notice 2 nice little existing solder pads for us to tap into near the ribbon(look at the above pics) you want to solder the battery +positive(red) from the receiver to the lower pad closest to the ribbon...next, you want to solder the battery -negitive(black) from the receiver to the upper pad closest to the momentary switch...Now take the remaining -negitive speaker wire and attach it to the upper left leg of the momentary switch closest to the solder pads we just did.

Your done...go ahead and try it yourself..we can remotely ground out the switch..which is the same thing as getting up and manually ground it by pushing the reset button.

Next step...Integrate the transmitter...

Where you want to integrate the transmitter is your call.
I went with my wireless controller...

In order to fit the transmitter in my wireless controller I had to snip the channel jumpers down to the board except 1-3-5 which I folded over and soldered...Then I had to remove the surface mounted momentary switch and extend a new one...Even at that, it was a very tight fit.

The snug fit is to my atvantage and very easy to secure...After a couple dabs of a two part epoxy drying for twelve hours..It was time to re-assemble...The results were awesome!

I mounted the switch on the under side of controller...out of harms way from accidental button mashing..Lol!

As for where to mount the receiver in the ps2 I really don't know...I have installed my ps2 along with my xbox into a pc case..so I really can't help you there. However it's pretty small at 2"X 2"X .75"...I'm sure you could stuff it in there somewhere.

So there you have it...give it a go..you know you want it!


mom and dad...xbox-scene...Info.
digitalFX...(ps2-scene) Thanks for the Testing and confirmation.
EspI69...(ps2-scene) Thanks for finding and reporting the bug.