-PS2 External Removable Hdd Rack-


This mod is intended for people who:

-Hate unscrewing the NA to remove Hdd-
-Have a Hdd that wont fit NA-
-Have several PS2 formatted Hdd's-
-Use apps like Winhiip/hdldump-
-Just hate being restricted-


-Dremal tool with bits-
-Utility knife-


-PS2, NA, HDD-
-Two Removable Hdd Racks-
-Female to Male IDE cable-
-Female to Male Molex-
-An External case-
-Spray paint, Velcro, Solder-

As always...Do this mod AT YOUR OWN RISK...

Okay here we go, First off...This mod is very simple, Most people will have no problems.If you think you might have problems...You prolly will, so I suggest you think twice before you fuckup your PS2 or NA.
With that said lets begin...With the release of the Hdloader It makes sense to store your games on Hdd. Fast load times,No discs scattered everywhere, user friendly interface ,Just press x at HDL screen and load your favorite games...simple, no bullshit, Perfect...Almost.
The problem I had was multiple Hdd's...It really sucks having to unscrew the NA to swap between Hdd's...Not only that but for us WinhIIp users you gotta install the Hdd in pc, This is way to time consuming for me...Thus My Tutorial.
Most people prolly know...But for those that dont, the pic below is a mobile Hdd rack...you need two for this mod.

You can just have the mobile rack on top of PS2...However I wanted a case just to make things 'visually pleasing' So I went down to my local PC salvage/recycle shop and found a nice little case that would suit the PS2 and house my Hdd Rack...I dropped the $4 then went home to gut it and start work.

That thing on the left is what came out of my new case...was some kinda data tape player...Anyhow out with the old and in with the new.I installed the Hdd Rack with no probs...Figured well I was in I'd cut the status power/activity wires so I could place them elsewhere and change the colour of LED (Green/Amber dont go well with PS2) To do this, before installing the bay of Hdd Rack in the case...locate the wires on the side of the Hdd bay then cut them and route them anywhere on the case...If you dont know what I'm talking about...Look at the pic below.

For Ide/Power Extentions Its important to know the Ide at PS2 NA is very fussy with cable length...Power/Molex doesnt seem to matter.
With IDE I've found that 6" of cable between male/female connectors is pretty much the max...I tried 7" but HDLoader would sometimes tell me I had to reformat the drive, However sometimes it would work and boot game flawlessly.
It bugged me enough to get to the bottom of it...I cut the cable down to 6" now all my PS2 Hdd's boot with Mobile Rack without incident...So believe it or not...1" DOES MATTER. Same thing goes for your penis...So she says...but we wont go there.
Now If your like me...you have the tidbits lying around to build your own IDE Cable...Do the following:
-Dig up an old 2 device IDE cable you have.
-Cut the IDE Cable at 7" from female connector with sissors.
-Attach male connector at 6" with vice.
-Remove excess cable with utility knife,By cutting flush with male IDE connector.
Here are some pics to help you along.

If the above pics confuse you...I'd say your best bet is to buy a custom 6" male to female extention cable online/local.
I wont go into power/molex extention...Cuz if you cant figure that out you should NOT do this mod...Not that I'm try'n to be a prick...Just a saftey measure on your part!

Okay...Most prolly wont bother with External case...So I'll skip to the NA attachment, Tho the pics will have the case featured...just disregard.If you have done the above right, your ready to rock.
For the 'Most Part' A picture paints a thousand words...So here ya go!

Most important is the cables are 6" or less and extend outside console 2" or so...As you can see I cut a slot in my case to allow for short cable length..(Very,Very Important).

Then simply connect to NA!

Adding an extra Fan cant hurt!
Two things I dont like about the PS2...That'UGLY'blue Usb/firewire port at the left of console...The other, The bottom of PS2 doesnt line up with the top...It looks out of whack!...Very poor design team! I covered the blue/port side with a grill...Then did the same to the right side to make things equal...This is where I used the velcro, so if I ever have to use a usb port I can!

The pic above is my PC...I have A Mobile solution for both Primary AND Secondary HDD'S...Just incase my OS crashes, I'm seconds away from throw'n in a Backup...However were just focussed on PS2...It's really as easy as it sounds...power down PS2/PC swap Racks...reboot and use the awsome HDL-Apps to View,Format,Rip...Now thats perfect!

This is only the second tutorial I've written...So be easy on me...If you have any questions you can Email me (Lower-right devils head) or just post in the forum you found this in...I'll try to help!