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uLaunchELF (uLE) is a homebrew program that allows you to navigate around your PS2 and any connected devices. You can manage game save files, launch other applications, view images, edit text documents, manage your HDD, connect over the network, and much more.
 uLE is to the PS2 console what Windows Explorer is to the PC.

Im not going to write out a long tutorial,  instead i'll give you links to find all the info you need to to use uLE.

uLaunchELF Official Forums - You can find the latest downloads, language packs, skins, fonts and get help if you need it.
A Noobie Guide to getting started with uLE - A simple guide showing the basics to get you familar with the program
uLaunchELF Wiki - The wiki is still a work in progress, so check back regularly.
uLaunchELF - First steps - From Console-Exploits forums, a User Guide for uLE