FMCB Free Mcboot

Booting the Free MC Boot Installer using Swapmagic 3.6/3.8

Written by Bootlegninja

Hardware Needed:

* A Playstation 2 Console

* 1 Memory card - Can be 8MB Sony or anything as long as it isn't a cheap Chinese cloned one or one that needs a boot CD to work.

* 1 USB Thumb drive/Hard Drive/PSP - Just as long as it registers as a mass storage device and Swapmagic will recognize it.


Software Needed:


* Free MC Boot Installers- Official release. - Noobie Package

* A retail copy of Swapmagic - NOT A BURNED COPY

* uLaunchELF - Downloads Page




Fist up, plug your USB device into your PC and make sure it's formatted to FAT32.  Next, make a folder on it called (and yes, it is case sensitive) SWAPMAGIC



Next, download the FMCB installer and uLE.  (See links in Software list)


Extract  the  FREE_MCBOOT.ELF and INSTALL folder to the root of your USB Stick from the FMCB Installer Archive.



And Extract BOOT.ELF from the uLE archive to the SWAPMAGIC folder. and rename it to (case sensitive) SWAPMAGIC.ELF



If you want to customize your install, now is the time to do this by reading the Advanced User Guide. .......Once done, continue on.


Do it:


Plug your USB Stick in to your PS2 and boot up your Swapmagic disc.


You will see Swapmagic's Splash Screen, and then see uLE's main screen.  Don't be alarmed to see 'FAILED TO LOAD LAUNCHELF.CNF'.  It's normal since it doesn't have a config file on your memory card yet to load.




Enter uLE's 'File Browser' and navigate to mass:/ then  launch FREE_MCBOOT.ELF

Once you run through the installer you are done.