FMCB Free Mcboot
 PS2 Game swap trick
Written by JNABK

If all you have is a PS2 and some PS2 retail games, then it may be possible for you to install FMCB with just a backup disc. This guide will show you how to boot into uLuanchELF to boot the FMCB Installer. You can refer to the User Guides to show what to do after the FMCB Installer is running.

Note: The disc will still be spinning while you swap in the backup, so you risk disc damages to your original PS2 Game.

This trick started with 007 Agent under Fire , so i will use that as the main guide. Other games also work using the same process, but the ELF file and locations on the disc may be different. If you dont have any PS2 games in the list (below), then try the ones you have or a PS2 Demo disc.
My suggestion is to try games older then 2001, some newer games have a disc check and will fail to load the backup's edited ELF file.

Original retail PS2 Game disc
Blank discs - Use good quality
Apache v1.1
DVD Decrypter / IMGBurn
PC with CD/DVD burner
uLaunchELF - Its just the uncompressed BOOT.ELF

Step 1
1. Make a .iso image of 007 Agent Under Fire using dvd decrypter or imgburn.
2. Extract the uncompressed BOOT.ELF  from the uLaunchELF rar and rename it to DRIVING.ELF

Step 2
1. Use Apache to open the .iso image u made.
2. highlight "DRIVING.ELF" in apache on your right side
3. select "ISO Tools" from the tab above, now select "Change TOC for Selected File", change the "Size (dec)" to 915196, don't change the LBA. This is the file size of the "uncompressed BOOT.ELF". (if your using a different uLaunchELF file, right click the file on your pc and select properties, the first "Size" is the size in bytes. This is the size you need to use in Apache)
4. with "DRIVING.ELF" still highlighted, select "ISO Tools" again, now select "Update Selected File", select the DRIVING.ELF file that was ulaunchelf's "uncompressed BOOT.ELF" you rename,  it will say "selected file replaced".
5. Burn the edited ISO to disc with DVD Decrypter / IMGBurn

Step 3
1. Put the orignal ps2 game in your ps2 now.
2. play the game until you make it to the 2nd level which is the DRIVING level, then save your game
3. Return to the main menu,  swap trick your original for your backup and when you select the 2nd level, it'll boot to ulaunchelf

You should now see the uLE main screen and from there you can install FMCB off your USB stick.
-- Ensure the USB stick is connected. Press O button for the FileBrowser in the uLaunchElf screen, move down to mass:/ and hit O, then move down to select FREE_MCBOOT.ELF and hit O to run it.
Just look at the CodeBreaker guide (click the Installations tab) if you need screen shots to view

Games reported  to work:
*** Confirmed to work
*** Unconfirmed as working

***007 Agent under fire, DRIVING.ELF {info is in the tutorial}

***007 from Russia with love, NFS.ELF [ go to the need for speed DEMO from the main menu, and it will boot ulaunchelf ]

***SOCOM Combined Assult, SCUSNGUI.ELF [swap at main menu, select "MULTIPLAYER", now select "LAN", you will go to another screen where you exit, upon exiting that screen ulaunchelf  will start.]

***Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater, NETDOWN.ELF [ press start, your now at the main menu, swap disks, select "SPECIAL", now select "CAMOUFLAGE DOWNLOAD", ulaunchelf will start]

***Socom 3, SCUSNGUI.ELF [from main menu, select your save,  select "ONLINE",  select "LAN",  select "EDIT CONFIGURATION",  ulaunch will start ]

***Socom 2, SCUSNGUI.ELF [from the main menu, swap in your backup,  select "LAN", select "EDIT NETWORK CONFIGURATIONS",  ulaunchelf will start.]

***Syphon Filter The Omega Strain, NTGUI2CN.ELF (in netgui folder)[first create a save game, then select "PLAY ON-LINE", it will now ask you to "Launch NetGui application now?" select yes, ulaunchelf will start.]

***Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, SC3_ON.ELF [swap at main menu, press start, then select "MULTIPLAYER ONLINE", ulaunchelf  will start]

***Battlefield 2 Modern Combat, GUI.ELF (in the NETGUI folder)[at main menu swap,  "press start" & select "PLAY ONLINE", a series of loading screens will happen, select "create/edit", select "create/edit" again, another screen will ask you the same question.,  ulaunch will start]

***King of Fighters Neowave, NTGUI2.ELF [press start, now select "NETWORK MATCH", highlight the first option and enter that, now select the second option, uLaunchelf will start]

***StarWars Battlefront 2 NTGUI.ELF (in the NETGUI folder)[go to the main menu, swap and select "multiplayer", now select "LAN", select "Add/Edit", now select "EXIT WITHOUT SAVING", ulaunch will start]

***Jak X Combat Racing, NTGUI_UC.ELF (in the NETGUI folder)[first create a save, from the main menu, select "Exhibition", now select "LAN", now select "ACCEPT", ulaunchelf will start]

***Ratchet Deadlocked, NTGUI.ELF (in NETGUI folder)[select "MULTIPLAYER", now select "ONLINE PLAY", select "NETWORK SETUP", ulaunch will start]

***Smackdown vs. Raw 2006, NTGUI2.ELF (in the NTGUI2 folder)[select "ONLINE", now "ACCEPT", now select "Edit/Create Network Configuration", ulaunchelf will start]

***NHL 2004, NTGUI.ELF [Main Menu > Game Modes > Play Online > Continue without saving, then Swap at Network Configuration screen and hit X, ulaunchelf will start]

*** Demo Disc 066 [NTSC-U] [SCUS-97241],ROCKY.ELF (in rocky folder) [select "playground", there is a little video so press X to skip, then select "rocky". Press X and it gives you a controller diagram, SWAP here and then press X. uLaunchELF will start.]

I didnt test any of these games, so i cant help if some info is not complete, but im assuming that most swapping takes place in the games main menu. If you have a game you got to work that isnt listed, please visit SKSApps or psx-scene forums and post what game it is, the file you changed and the steps used in the game to make uLaunchELF start.