FMCB Free Mcboot
Free  McBoot  License  Agreement

Free McBoot is homebrew software and is free to distribute, however it is not permitted to sell the program without explicit permission from the developers.

Every official release has a license agreement document and it is designed to keep Free McBoot a FREE program and not allow people to rip off others to make a buck. There are those who install FMCB onto a Memory Card and sell it as a product they made, giving an excuse its not a real legal document. Well it is enough to convince a judge that you do not have the right to sell it and the costs for a defense attorney can be more than the profits made from such sales.

If you wish to sell FMCB to customers who purchase a Memory card from you, then contact the developers and ask permission FIRST, perhaps offer donations per sale. If anyone deserves to be paid for this program, its the developers who spent many hours in research and development. Otherwise you may find yourself in a courtroom paying an attorney legal fees.