FMCB Free Mcboot

Installing Free McBoot using Gameshark/Sharkport

Written by Shadow147


This is a guide to get you up and running using FMCB for ps2 FAT models only.




PS2 � FAT only

Gameshark for ps2 any version of Gameshark for ps2 should work I used the online enabled version

Sharkport � this for ps2 saves backups which we need to connect the ps2 to a pc to transfer the exploit to you memory card

USB flash drive  I used a Lexar 1GB


Software: you can find everything in this guide at in  PS2 Apps section

PS2 Exploit Utility 

PS2 Save Builder


With this guide you can install ulaunch and boot it to install FMCB

Simple huh? As long as you follow the guide u should have no problems

Note: save all of you data on your memory card

if you have any before continuing.


Step 1: Preparing the PC

We need to install the software that came with your Sharkport.

This is necessary other wise no connection is possible.

So just put the Sharkport cd into the pc cd drive

Then follow the prompts to install the software

The take your Sharkport Cable and plug it in to a usb port.

On the PC then let windows properly install the driver

That we installed earlier.

There is a patch that was made long ago for the Sharkport click hereto download it

it's in a zip files unzip it run the XplDbClientPatch file to patch the Sharkport software


Step 2 Preparing the PS2

now we need to get the ps2 ready just insert your ps2 gameshark into the system turn it on

and let it get to the main menu e.g heres my main menu for my version of the ps2 gameshark


Step 3 preparing the PS1 MC Exploit:

this is the important step here I will show you how to setup the first exploit for the fat ps2 to use the PS1 exploit software.

We will be overwriting a file on the memory card called your system configuration it's simple just follow the instructions


1. Creating the exploit

we start of by launching PS2 Exploit Utility


2. click on the Title.db Tab

look on the front of you ps1 game CD it should have a number like this SLUS-00507 or SCUS-00507

we need to change it to SLUS_005.07 or SCUS_005.07 then put it here in the text box under current ID

 then click on add to title



3. Skip to the Region Tab we can skip everything else because

when we install FMCB

the exploited Your System Configuration will no longer be needed

Select the Region your ps2 is e.g mine is USA

so my region is NTSC (BADATA)



4. click the Create Exploit Tab

click on the button next to Memory Card Format (XPS)

then click on create exploit

it will bring up a prompt telling us why are there no elfs in the exploit

we just need ulaunch so just click yes to continue

then it will prompt saying it's been created then goto C:/Iscentral/

drag and drop the iscentral.xps to the desktop



5. first we need to change the file format to a different one so launch PS2 Save Builder


click on file then click on Open


click on the Iscentral.xps file then click on Open



then click on file again then Save As


click on the down button next to Save As Type: X-Port 2 (.xps)

then change it to Xploder Pro 4 (.p2m)


now change the file name from Iscentral to BADATA-SYSTEM

Note: make sure that you change it for your region




click on save then look on your desktop you will get a file like this


step 4: Transferring the exploited Your System Configuration file to your Memory Card

This step will make the MC exploit we made earlier work when you use the ps1 disc we entered in the Title.db part in Creating the Exploit Step


1. plug in one end of the Sharkport USB cable to the ps2 then the other end to your pc

Note: if you have a USB hub for your pc it works I did it through mine


2. launch SharkportV2 note make sure to insert your Memory Card into your PS2


3. Drag and drop the BADATA-SYSTEM into the left panel of the Sharkport window then

scroll down until you see a folder labeled BADATA-SYSTEM


4. now click and hold on the BADATA-SYSTEM folder on the left panel and drag it to the right panel

it will show the data transfer on the pc the result is a file called IsCentral.NetPS2?Exploit?Utility


5. now the file is on your memory card you can close the connection simply by looking for the Sharkport logo

in the system tray right click the click on Close SharkportV2 then unplug the cable.

 Note: You should have your USB device prepared according to either the Noobie Installation Guide or the Advanced User Guide before continuing.

6. Reboot the PS2 with the PS1 disc that we added in the title.db in the ps2 it will flash then u will get ulaunchELF

7. Ignore the error message " Failed to load LAUNCHELF.CNF" and just press the O button to open the FileBrowser
- Goto mass: ( its your USB  device) and select the FREE_MCBOOT.ELF and press the O button once again to launch it.



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