FMCB Free Mcboot
About Free McBoot

Free McBoot is a Launcher designed to  launch external applications {ELF files}. If you want to run applications such as uLaunchELF, ESR, SMS, HD Loader or other ELFs you must add them.
If you do not, then Free McBoot will not have anything to launch and will do nothing for you.

You have 3 options with a Default install:

1-Add the Recommended Apps to the INSTALL folder to be copied to the  Memory Card for Free McBoot to run them.  Exact filenames is a must!

2- Place a folder named BOOT on your USB device and put the Recommended apps into this and they will be used if you choose not to have them on your MC. This will be searched for first, before the one on the MC is.

3- Install the Noobie Package as is, it is already pre-configured and the recommended apps included in the INSTALL folder

If you edit the CNF or run the Configurator and make changes, then it is no longer a Default CNF and the above may not apply.