Quick and dirty Exploit Install w/ retail HDL/HDA disc

NOTE: The MC exploit will work on old school fat ps2's only. It will not work on the slim models.

Files needed:
winhiip - Used to install ps2 format disc images on to the hdd - download here
Disc image of uLaunchELF (uLE) - Download here
uLE ELF file (named BOOT.ELF) - included in titleman package below.
Titleman. (creates TITLE.DB for use in the exploit) - Download

hardware needed:
old school fat ps2
network adapter
hard drive of at least 4GB in size
usb thumb drive

Preparing the exploit files

Uncompress the titleman package and open titleman fronend
Go ahead and create a title.db. now get one or two retail ps1 games. They will have disc ID's that look like SLUS-12345
the format you want to use would be SLUS_123.45

The version in the attachment will only hold up to 4 entries. Once done, copy the TITLE.DB and BOOT.ELF to a usb thumb drive.

Now to prepare the hard drive. You can hook it up to a usb hdd enclosure or a usb to ide cable to save a bit of time, or you can use an open IDE cable in your pc to do this.

once hooked up, open winhiip. Now hit select drive and choose it form the list. go ahead and format it. (if under 127GB, select 28-bit. if over 127GB select 48-bit)

now extract that uLE disc image and install the ISO file with winhiip.

go ahead and remove the hdd from the pc and hook it up to your ps2 and run your retail HDL disc.

select uLE from the menu. Once uLE is up and running, plug in your usb thumb drive.

Now enter the file browser in uLE. navagate to MASS:/
place an astrick next to TITLE.DB and BOOT.ELF using the cross button on your controller. Now hit R1 and select copy.

with that done, navagate to MC0:/BxDATA-SYSTEM/ (the x could be an A, E, or I)
Hit R1 and select paste

Restart your ps2 with the ps1 disc you used the ID from in the tray.

uLE should come up. If it didn't then something got messed up in the process and you may have to recreate your TITLE.DB.